Most gyms will offer a quick fix, News Years deal. Here at Inner Element Fitness, we’re looking to make a permanent impact on your health.

We’ve all experienced the hopeful excitement of a New Year’s resolution: the enthusiastic determination to change bad habits as quickly as possible just to end up throwing in the towel if our expectations aren’t met within a few weeks.

How Does a Healthy Lifestyle Become a Habit?

In psychology, habits are defined as learned behaviors that happen automatically after they’ve been repeated over time. Our brain forms habits as a way to reserve effort. Not having to process the behavior in the form of individual steps and decisions makes it automatic and effortless. In other words, you know you’ve made going to the gym a habit when your attendance becomes effortless: it’s automatically something you set aside time for; there’s no thought process required. So how long does it take to get to that point?

How long does it take to form a habit?

A study at University College London recently set out to get to the bottom of how long it actually takes to form a new habit. Participants were allowed to choose a behavior that was beneficial to their health and attempt to add it to their daily routine. They were asked to give a report every day on how automatic the behavior felt. In the end, it was discovered that on average, it took 66 days to establish it as a habit.

It’s worth noting that a more difficult task took substantially longer to establish than a simple one, for example, drinking a bottle of water with lunch vs. doing running for 20 minutes.  And contrary to popular belief, falling off the wagon and missing a day had no effect on the brain’s ability to form a habit, so you can leave your guilt at the drive-through window. 

Small Changes Add Up!

The study provides overwhelming proof for the theory that a small, manageable change implemented over a long period of time is more effective than a burst of motivation aimed at unrealistic goals at the beginning of the year. This mindset promotes an easy transition into a new habit that’s not too overwhelming and will last much longer.

Not only was it relatively stress-free, but it also became second nature.

So do yourself a favor, forget about the New Year’s resolution and set yourself up for success right now by setting a realistic long-term lifestyle change. Give yourself 90 days to establish your habit and turn it into a new way of living that could potentially add years to your life.

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Don’t wait until the new year – Form positive habits now that will stick and provide a permanent lifestyle change. Inner Element Fitness® in Spring, TX is committed to helping you get the results you want through science-backed training tips and a positive, encouraging environment.

Starting today, Inner Element is offering you buy 2 months, get 1 month free.

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Dear IEF Family,
As the situation with COVID-19 continues to escalate on a global scale, we feel obliged to do our part in helping to prevent the spread of the virus in order to keep our valued members, team, and the community at large safe during this challenging period. Therefore, the Inner Element® studio will be closed beginning 3/17/20. We have a goal of re-opening on 4/1/20, and will continue to provide communication on the feasibility of this throughout the coming days and weeks. We will temporarily suspend all memberships through 3/31/20 or until we re-open for business. All members will be placed on freeze and will NOT be billed during the closed period. Those who have committed to the Inner Journey Challenge will not be billed during the closed period.
We also recognize the importance of exercise and proper nutrition in supporting healthy immune systems, particularly in the midst of this global pandemic. Therefore, we will be doing our part in ensuring you have access to exercise and nutrition options during our period of closure through the following actions:
  • We will be conducting online nutrition sessions in order to provide guidance, encouragement, and accountability for healthy eating habits and food choices, with a goal of strengthening the immune systems of our members.
  • We will be conducting online fitness routines, free of charge, that anyone can participate in from the comfort of their homes.
  • We will provide access to Immunity Wellness Products, including vitamins, immunity aids, and other supplements to help with boosting the immunity systems of our members.
  • We will be offering a mobile one-on-one personal training solution. With this service, a certified personal training will lead you through a workout one-on-one utilizing our Flexline-equipped mobile workout room. With the mobile workout room, these one-on-one sessions can be conducted in front of your home, and are an ideal solution for parents dealing with the school closures.

We thank you for your understanding as we modify our business practices in response to the rapidly changing situation that is impacting our community and others around the world. For more information regarding the online nutrition sessions and fitness routines, Immunity Wellness Products, or mobile training solutions, please email info@innerelementfitness.com or call/text (346) 382-0138.