Our “Why”

Inner Element Fitness® exists to empower people of all fitness levels to reap the rewards of challenging, yet enjoyable, fitness in a motivational and encouraging environment.

Our Journey

We created Inner Element Fitness® because we believe that fitness reveals something special about a person. When someone commits to a fitness program, particularly a challenging program; and as part of that they set goals and accomplish those goals – it creates a fire within them. With elevated self-confidence and enhanced self-discipline, they are ready to take on the world. So that is why we created Inner Element – to provide an atmosphere in which members of our community can come for motivation and encouragement, where people can feel emboldened and empowered, and through it all, where the Inner Elements of their character can be revealed.

We further believe that exercise is merely one component of a healthy lifestyle, which is why we have incorporated Health & Wellness counseling, and pre-packaged meals designed to help each client achieve their fitness goals. When creating Inner Element, we set out to establish an environment that is fun, motivating, encouraging, and challenging. The type of environment that can be scaled for all fitness levels and is conducted in a high energy and motivational atmosphere.

In the end, we believe that our clients will achieve the physical appearance they desire; but more importantly, we believe when our clients are in control of their health, that they will also reveal the Inner Elements of their character through elevated self-confidence, enhanced self-discipline, and because perseverance through a challenging fitness program will lead to a similar degree of success and accomplishment in all other areas of their lives.

That is our journey. Time to begin yours.

Core Values & Beliefs

  • We believe that exercise elevates self confidence.
  • We believe that exercise enhances self discipline.
  • We believe when someone remains consistently committed to an exercise regimen over time, the Inner Elements of their character are revealed, which permeate and positively influence other areas of their lives.
  • We believe people train harder and are more likely to remain motivated through continual coaching, encouragement and when they exercise as a group.
  • We believe that achievement is more significant when the task was challenging.
  • We believe that absolutely everyone – no matter their current fitness level – will encounter success through the IEF system.
  • We believe that when someone looks great, they also feel great, and that has a positive influence on how they interact with others.
  • We believe our trainers are the soul of the client experience, and we are therefore highly selective during recruitment, diligent during training, rigorous with our follow up, and through it all, we put forth a tremendous amount of effort to ensure each of our trainers shares our vision.
  • We believe that it is possible to look amazing and still be humble.
  • We believe that we can make a difference in our community.

Fitness. Nutrition. Health.

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