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Inner Element Fitness® exists to empower people of all fitness levels to reap the rewards of challenging, yet enjoyable, fitness in a motivational and encouraging environment.

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

While it is easy to overeat when traveling or gain a few extra pounds because it’s more convenient to skip your workout session, you can still stay healthy with the right mindset, plan, and dedication.  6 Healthy Travel Tips for Travelers The next time you pack your bags and hop on a plane, follow these […]

Choosing a Gym in Spring, TX: The Top 5 Things to Consider

Are you looking for a gym in Spring, TX? Nothing beats that post-workout glow, especially when it comes along with a welcoming vibe and high-tech equipment that helps you reach your fitness and nutrition goals. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a gym: 1. Community Atmosphere Walking into a gym and being […]

5 Effective Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings

We all know that deep, dark need for something sweet. And we all know that consuming a lot of sugar isn’t very good for us, even during that 2 pm energy slump at our desk, the busy day where grabbing a candy bar snack at the gas station is a very attractive option, or when […]

Find Your Why to Kickstart Fitness Motivation

Find Your Why to Kickstart Fitness Motivation By Erin McPherson, Assistant General Manager at Inner Element Fitness, B.S. Exercise Sports Science It is obvious that you should exercise and eat right; however, taking the first steps to total fitness can be very daunting. Even if you’ve had many years of unhealthy habits, you can change your lifestyle. […]

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Reap the rewards of challenging, yet enjoyable, fitness in a motivational and encouraging environment.  
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