The IEF Difference

Inner Element Fitness® exists to empower people of all fitness levels to reap the rewards of challenging, yet enjoyable, fitness in a motivational and encouraging environment.


Flexline Equipment

This equipment is elegantly modern, and has functionality unparalleled by more traditional exercise equipment. Flexline equipment is highly versatile, and has the capability to add up to 300 lbs of resistance per station. The equipment is pneumatically controlled and utilizes dynamic cables, along with blue tooth enabled handles, which creates the ability to increase and decrease weight by depressing the +/- buttons integrated within the handles.

Given the simple design of the equipment, even novice clients will easily be able to figure out how to use. Additionally, seasoned weight lifters will appreciate the fact that they can adjust the resistance mid-rep, which will allow them to experience “true failure”, which is only possible when using this type of equipment.

heart rate monitoringmonitoring screen

Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate monitoring puts the science behind the exercise and is a foundational component of the instruction and coaching set forth by the trainers during every class. Through use of this technology, the trainers have continual visibility of the level of physical exertion each client is putting forth. This helps to prevent over-training by some clients, while also allowing the trainers to spot opportunities to encourage other clients to increase their effort. Heart Rate monitoring will ensure that every client in every class is operating within a challenging, yet safe zone for the maximum amount of time. Also, the post-workout emails sent to each client will enable clients to progress toward their goals.

nuture gourment mealsmeal

Meal Prep and Health & Wellness Counseling

Each client will have an opportunity to meet with our Health & Wellness Specialist as part of a free transformation session. In this session, we will help develop a nutritional strategy specific to their fitness goals and exercise program. Further, by creating a convenient solution for clients to abide by their dietary goals through the sale of pre-packaged meals, Inner Element will effectively have accelerated each client’s progress and results, while demonstrating to clients that our studio is a “one-stop-shop” for all their exercise, health, and nutritional needs.


We have created a climate that is energizing and enjoyable. Through a combination of an immaculately designed interior space, upbeat music, encouraging trainers, client socialization, and constantly changing workout routines, clients will maintain motivation, loyalty, and will feel emboldened and empowered to take control of their health.

Kid Friendly

Our facility has a dedicated space exclusively designed for kids. This space can be utilized for the younger kids to play, while the older kids will have a place to study. Further, we intend to instill the importance of fitness, nutrition, and health into clients of all ages, so will encourage adolescents as young as 13 to workout with their parents.

HIIT Results

Plain and simple, the High Intensity Interval Training, combined with strength training, is the most effective workout for gaining quick and sustainable results. As clients discover these results, their motivation will become sustainable and through our progressive programs and constantly changing workout routines, plateaus will be avoided and the results will keep coming. In addition, all exercise programming features scalable workouts, so is widely appealing to clients of all fitness levels.

Fitness. Nutrition. Health.

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Reap the rewards of challenging, yet enjoyable, fitness in a motivational and encouraging environment.  
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